The Vibrators that look like Microphones

The Vibrators that look like Microphones.

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The vibrators that look like microphones…… Top Tip. Not for singing into.

Vibrators that look like Microphones
Singing In Them Will Not Do AnyThing…

The type of ladies vabrator that looks like a microphone are called either “Massagers”, “Wands” or “Magic Wands“.

They have become really big in the sex toy industry as women claim to have very intense and multiple orgasms from them.

They do come in either fully plugged or rechargeable on the go models

The Magic Microphones vibrators are very large and they need to be as they are very powerful, it’s like a women’s version of the Jack Hammer.

How to Use These Magic Wands

First of all, they are not designed or meant for inserting into any hole (but I bet a lot of women have tried.) They are designed for clitoral stimulation and literally, you turn it on, get comfortable and just rest on your clitoris and let the really powerful vibrations do the work. They Work Wonders.

But for insertions You can purchase wand attachments

Magic Wands For Beginners

There are lots and lots of The Vibrators that look like Microphones out in the marketplace and we do recommend to get your hands on a few cheap ones to get started and try out to get you comfortable with.

cheap wand
Cheap but Good!

This example of a cheap but good wand cost around £15 and would suit any beginner to start with. You can take anywhere with you as long as your in a private room!

View More Cheap Wands Here.

Once you realised the potential of these babies then you can go for POWER.

If You Want The best, Go For Power…

The best Big ‘O’ ever from vibrations and your not worried about forking out a bit. You need a very powerful Wand like The Doxy Die Cast Wand Massager Which is plugged into the mains to give you that POWER but also does come at a cost around £160 or £149 at It is the Worlds Most Powerful Plugin Wand that will last for years to cum! Your paying for quality and power here.

Doxy does have cheaper Wands which cost around £95 or £89 at which have the same Power but not Die cast which means they are made from a few cheaper materials but do the same trick!

More POWER Wands Here

Positives Of Vibrators that look like Microphones

  • Ultimate Vibrations
  • Quick Orgasms
  • Strong Orgasms
  • Also can be Used as A Personal Massager
  • Two can use it at once (not men) – scissor style
  • Wired or Rechargeable battery Versions (wired are more powerful)
  • Weird and Wonderful Attachments
  • Men like them, When your lying on your front using the wand and their on top of you entering they can feel

Negatives Of Vibrators that look like Microphones

  • Very Big
  • Not Discreet, You will have trouble Hiding them from your kids, but I’m sure you can tell them it’s just a massager
  • A Bit Pricey (but worth it)
  • If you Buy A Wired one, The wires may get on your nerves unless you are kinky
  • No Inserting – Unless you use an Attachment like Bird Of Paradise

If you are really looking for the Big ‘O’ then We Really recommend you check out the Wand Massages Here. They do the job that they are designed for.

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