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Woman On Top Tips: – For the next time, you and your partner are going to be getting it on in the bedroom. While having full on penetration, Instead of being on your back and enjoying yourself why don’t you be in control for once.

Why don’t you jump on top and do some of the work and show him who is boss? We encourage you to try and when you realise there’s a lot of different advantages to it you might not want to go back to your normal boring position.

“There is a great sense of control when you are on top instead of being underneath a man”

Sometimes some women have trouble reaching orgasms from being underneath, Being on top you can control things like the rhythm of speed, slow, medium, fast or if you can ultra fast.

Not only can you control this but you can control the depth of the penetration, whether you want him half in or full way – It is up to you.

Clitoral Stimulation

It is true that most women can only orgasm through their clitoris and when on top you can really rub your clitoris on the man as well as having intercourse.

Woman On Top Tips – Positions

The Reverse cowgirl

The Reverse cowgirl
The Reverse cowgirl, go easy or hard!

We will start with probably the hardest one to do. The reverse cowgirl position. While he is lying down you will stand over him facing the other way so will be looking at his feet instead of his head. You slowly lower yourself down and using your hands and feet to support yourself he can put his man inside you then you slowly start to bounce into you get into the groove.

He will love the view of your round bum and sexy hips going for it and you will be loving it as it really does push all your buttons especially your G-spot. You might not be able to play with your clitoris at this position but that’s not stopping him for playing with it with his hands or getting a Magic wand down there. As well as he can stroke your nipples.

This position has a great advantage if you don’t like showing or you’re embarrassed about your cum face.

Alternative: TheReverse cowgirl leg stretch!

This is almost the same as the reverse cowgirl but the big difference is that your legs are closed together while his legs are open. Some men like this position as it gives them deeper penetration than the normal reverse cowgirl. Men also state that as your legs are closed together that your vagina is a bit tighter giving them that more sensitivity.

With his hands on your hips, he can control the tempo which we know he loves, but the only thing with this position is that you might and will get tired easily. You will wake up the next morning with sore legs, but sure its worth it.

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The clitoral rock’n’roll

The clitoral rock'n'roll
Rock n roll girl!

As for us women know, we all need that clit stimulation to get to the high state of orgasm. Most women do, some orgasm through intercourse but majority through clit stim. (we know we have said it before and we’re going to say it a million times, probs cause most men don’t know what they’re doing)

So with this position that your learn you can get penetrated while you get your clit rubbed and aroused even more.

The Move – When you are on top of your hard man with him penetrating you, looking facing his face, Move your body forward and with your hands above his head or by his side. Get your hips moving forward and backwards and right to left until you find your niche and your getting your clit rubbed by his pubic region. you can speed up or slow down depending on your mood. Keep going to make you cum everywhere.

Sexy Lap dance

Sexy Lap dance

A little awkward this move but worth it, while the man sits down with his legs crossed. You need to get yourself sitting on his big member with your legs wrapped around him (face to face). Support each other by holding either each other’s lower backs or shoulders. While he is supporting you, you can both go with the flow and enjoy this intimate way of being on top. He will look at you and you can tease him throughout with you wave of motion.

The Saddle Squat

This one is probably one to avoid if you have no leg muscles as when your partner is ready, Facing him you need to be in a squat position so your feet are in parallel with the bed. you need to use or your lower strength muscles here and does help to have lean back with your hands on the bed for support. It might be a little bit tough to do this but he will love it and so will you.

He will be able to play with your clit, stroke or suck your breasts. Which is always a bonus.

Other Tips For When A Woman Is On Top.

Touching yourSelf

Men really love it when a woman caresses herself. It makes them go even hotter, So you can either caress and feel your own breasts and nipples while looking him in the eyes or play with your own clit if you can. He will love it.

Foreplay works wonders for him

Being on top can and will make you fatigue, it can be hard work and when your ready, without telling him just get off and go down on him. He will love it and if your in the right position, get him to do the same with you. Nothing wrong with a bit dirty sex with your partner.


For a woman to be on top is just like for a man, being the dominant one. When you’re on top, make him know you’re in control by pushing his head back or hold his hands while you bounce. Put his hands behind his back, just dominate him and do what you feel or like to do. Be in control.

Hair Playing

Everyman loves it when a woman plays about with her hair, so losing it up and get stroking your fingers through your own hair, you and he will enjoy it.

Sex Toys You Can Use For Being On Top

Being on top is a great way of enjoying yourself with your partner and you can even spice it up more to help you get the best orgasms.

We do recommend toys like We-Vibe for both you and your partner to enjoy. Or get yourself a powerful Magic Wand that you or he can use on you. Or how about getting him to put on a cock ring that will benefit you both.

Either way, sex toys can be great while your on top.

Hope you enjoyed reading these Best Ways For Woman On Top Tips and if you have yourself any tips we will love to hear from you. after all, sharing is caring.

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