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Sex Is For Everyone

Best Way To Make A Girl Come:- The idea of a woman climaxing during intercourse to some, seems absurd. Many women, even today are under the naive impression that sex is for a man’s pleasure only.

Many women have said that they have never orgasmed during foreplay or intercourse and some are even under the impression that it’s not possible for the female body to reach such levels of pleasure.

If orgasms were only for men, then what about lesbians? Men not being present does not mean that an orgasm isn’t either, but it also doesn’t mean that only women can make women climax. Anybody can do It, you just need to know how.

Lesbians have a higher success rate in making their lady partner orgasm because women know what women want, but so can men, you just need to pay attention.

Stop being Selfish

Stop Being Selfish! Care for her.

When getting intimate with a woman, it will always be a much more pleasurable experience for both of you if you are not just thinking about yourself.

If from the get go you think about pleasing your partner, you are already winning, as there’s nothing worse than a selfish partner in bed, but there is nothing better than knowing that she’s enjoying what you are doing to her.

Before you even touch her, make sure she’s in the mood and is fully aware that you are. If she isn’t in the mood, take charge and put her in it. give her the look, kiss her constantly, breathe in her ear, brush your hands across her sensitive areas and make her look forward to what is coming. But if she really isn’t in the mood, do something else and dont pressure her.

Take Control

Weather your girl is in a straight or gay relationship -Tease her and regardless of the “I’m a strong independent woman” bravado, most women like to be controlled. Tell her what you’re going to do and for your own satisfaction, tell her to agree or repeat what you said.

The more that she makes you feel like you are in charge, the more the roll will naturally come to you. Lead her up the stairs and tell her where you want her.

After the undressing and getting comfortable part, look at your partner’s body, look at everything, touch everything and kiss everything, admire every part of her and make her feel as though you’ve never seen anything to that level of perfection. It will give her confidence and just looking at her will make you want it more.

At this point, she should already appear to be aroused , her breathing will increase and she will start wriggling and will struggle to stay still. This is where you pay attention!

Be Seductive

Kiss her neck, and see if she breaths deeper, brush your fingers past her nipples and hip bones and see if you arches her back, talk gently in her ear and see if she grabs you and starts to moan. If she gives off these responses, then you are on the road to giving her an orgasm.

Most Important (usually) – The Clitorous

Most Important (usually) – The Clitorous. Also known as “the man in the boat.”

Your next move is the clitoris! Majority of Men and some women today are still unaware that the clitoris actually has a purpose.

It’s not just a useless body part and it’s definitely one to be ignored or skipped.

The majority of women orgasm through clitoral stimulation rather than penetration.

If it’s not for her, then you’ve given it a go and move on to experimenting through penetration, but nine times out of ten, it’s the height of sexual pleasure for a female.

Touch her clitoris in a up and down or circular motion, make sure she’s wet, if you have followed the steps so far then she is almost certain to be. Start off slowly with your fingers and increase pressure and speed slowly.

Watch her breathing, her movements and her responses. If she is moaning and getting increasingly more wet, keep going! If you want to keep reminding her that you are in charge, come to a sudden stop or slow down and make her ask you nicely, or even beg if you are both comfortable enough in your roles.

Carry on when you feel as though she deserves it. If you are getting increased responses from her which are getting more and more intense, she will be close to climaxing.

If her moans and movements are staying at the same level, then it’s good for her, but not increasing.

To reach orgasm it must get better and better the more you continue. Keep talking to her and tell her what you want from her, what you want to do to her and how much she is going to enjoy it.

A Arched Back shows a great sign.

The talking will help as it’s extra noise and your voice will be stimulation. If she gets sensitive, this will become very clear as she will jump, just slow right down and start again, don’t keep trying to go fast.

Remember not to get too carried away, as much as she seems to be enjoying it, it is still part of a feminine structure that can become bruised quickly. Talk to your partner, ask her if she is close. If so- then push down that tiny bit harder and go that little bit faster and you will see your partner orgasm for potentially the first time.

Her back will arch, her body will tense up almost as if frozen and her face will say it all. she will become sensitive almost straight after, but don’t stop until it’s definitely over, as the longer it goes on, the more memorable it is.

You may find that she can only orgasm once, or not for a while again. That’s ok, you can relax, let her return the favour and be nothing but proud of what you have just made her body achieve.

Keep kissing her and tell her how much you enjoyed doing it. The only thing better than an orgasm, is a meaningful one.

Every Women Is Different

Women Are All Different! Get to work.

Every woman is different and that means they like different things, we have written this article about a woman’s orgasm in our experience. But she won’t orgasm if she is not:-

  • Comfortable With you
  • Aroused
  • Confident
  • Trusting in You. (That’s A big one)
  • Willing To Try new things
  • Being Open
  • Not Pressurised
  • Being Relaxed (alcohol Helps – but not too much)

We all know how complicated Sex can be and if you really want your girl to come. You have the basics to get you starting. The best thing we can say is to listen to her and want she would love.

If she wants to try sex toys then check out our top brand names in vibrators, wands and clitoral stimulators.

Hope You Got some great Tips from this Best Way To Make A Girl Come article.

Enjoy yourselves and be happier.


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